atelier 111


Atelier 111 is located in Marseille, in the heart of the Endoume district, not far from the “bonne-mère”, the protective symbol of this Phocaean city.

Élia, an upholsterer at heart, owns this workshop that she considers as a second home!
She has always been immersed in making things. During her childhood, her father is a masson and her mother is a seamstress… from a very young age she went hunting for treasures to rework with her hands.
She was therefore immersed in the manual world and creativity grew in her year after year. The beginning of her career starts with studies in applied arts and architecture.

One day, a friend suggested that she join an evening art class. It was at that moment that she developed her skills in tapestry! Over the years, she developed her passion for tapestry by giving classes and restoring the furniture of her friends.
For 15 years she was a teacher of applied arts and it is 3 years ago that she opened her workshop.

She proposes several things in her workshop:

Relooking of furniture (paintings, patinas)

Upholstery on furniture

Advice in decoration


She also regularly organizes temporary exhibitions like the one for our fabrics. So go there and have a look!


The universe of Zephyr&co has charmed this upholsterer! Our patterns are the only ones she presents to her customers. She describes this universe as colorful and patterns similar to paintings.
The big plus according to her? The made-in-France! Indeed, all our creation and production process is made in France. For her, Zephyr&co is top-of-the-range and excellent quality fabric.

She quotes: “I think we can easily recognize your designs, when we enter a room where there is a Zephyr armchair, it is striking. It looks like a piece of art! “

What she also appreciates is the fact that we can take care of all custom projects. Changing colors, removing or adding elements… we don’t just sell you services, we invest in your idea.
Elia also tells us a funny story about one of her clients:

  • “One day, a client asked me to remake a bench seat for her living room. She absolutely wanted the bench to match one of her paintings, since it would be underneath it. But she loved one of the Zephyr&co patterns so much that she decided to move the bench just to have this pattern! She had a real crush… “


agata chair

velvet fabric


Her favorite pattern ? Dalhia ! In every colors